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Man Arrested at Mall for Violating Womens Privacy With Technology

Posted on Apr 14, 2008 - 10:59
Jesse James Calkins, Accused Video Voyeur

Jesse James Calkins, a 24 year old resident of Burns, Oregon, was arrested Saturday night at the Boise Town Square Mall. The charges? "Video Voyeurism," according to the Ada County Sheriff's arrest records.

Calkins was allegedly attempting to score some upskirt footage with a concealed camera which was likely attached to his shoe, though we do not actually know what his technical setup was.

The cops said when they approached Calkins he made an effort to destroy the memory card from the video camera, and that he might be facing an additional felony charge for destruction of evidence.

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18 Should Be The Legal Driving Age

Posted on Apr 14, 2008 - 8:26
16 Year Old Crashes into Gas Line in Boise, Idaho

Yesterday 16 year old Brian Panzella managed to crash his mom's car into a 2-inch gas line at the Metro Express Car Wash in downtown Boise.

How did this happen? In Brian's words, as published at, "We'd just pulled out of the car wash and my mom told me to put it in drive instead of neutral. Kept my foot on the brake the whole time as soon as I put it in drive the car just took off. No idea what happened. Tried to avoid going into the street so I made a hard left and ran right into the gas line!"

Now, we all know that young Brian Panzella did not actually have his foot on the brake pedal, seeing as how the car "took off" when he put it into drive. And of course, Brian's mom should definitely not have had him in the driver's seat in the first place, but the real lesson here is that, frankly, 16 is way too young to operate a motor vehicle.

Anyone who has been in a car accident can attest to the importance of respecting the dangers involved in just driving a car in the first place. They are incredibly heavy and powerful machines that can be very dangerous and cause great amounts of damage if not used properly. We were lucky yesterday that Panzella's mishap didn't cause a major gas explosion at 13th and Front where the gas line was ruptured.

We know we're not going to get the driving age changed any time soon, so can we at least recommend to all parents to please take the driving instruction very seriously, and even when your teen does get licensed, it might be a good idea to not lend them the car without a few more weeks (or months) of supervised driving. It is just so much more serious than a typical 16 year old realizes. We're betting that Brian Panzella has a decent idea of the seriousness now, but really he should be disallowed to drive until someone shows him which pedal is the brake...


BPD Busts Meth Lab on Wheels

Posted on Apr 3, 2008 - 8:03
Idaho rolling meth lab on wheels

We didn't realize that meth dealers were still doing this, but apparently we were wrong in thinking the fad of "rolling meth labs" went out with the '90s.

Boise Police stopped Lucas P. Donaldson, a 33 year old Boise resident, Tuesday evening after receiving a report from a concerned citizen that he may be driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

The vehicle was stopped, BPD officers found evidence of drugs in the car, and a drug detection police dog also "indicated a positive alert" on Donaldson's car. When the officers found evidence of meth-related chemicals in the car, they stopped their search and called the narcotics unit, who then moved the car to a safe location for further searching.

Sure enough, inside the vehicle were all the tools and ingredients necessary for manufacturing methamphetamine, as well as some of the finished product.

Needless to say, Donaldson is now in the Ada County Jail and is charged with felony Manufacture of Methamphetamine. Have fun cleaning up in the clink, Lucas!

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Return of the Graffiti

Posted on Mar 29, 2008 - 8:37
Boise's graffiti problem has returned with a vengance

Late last year Boise police were all about bragging that they busted the culprits behind 85% of graffiti in the city, but this year it seems like the vandals are back with a vengeance... at least at one location on the west side.

Well, that's what Adam Rodriguez is reporting at, where his article focuses on Ultimate Tint and Wheel, a window tint and rim shop on Fairview Ave, where manager Steve Ramos blames his building's big white walls for attracting taggers.

Ramos told 2news that he paints over the tags frequently: "We go through five gallon buckets like nothing, man," he said. "At least once a week, we buy five-gallon bucket."

Apparently this is a really, really big deal here in the City of Trees. Last year Mayor Bieter said he got more complaints about graffiti in Boise than any other citizen-reported problem. Pretty neat, huh? Our biggest concern is spraypaint, not crack or auto theft or any of those horrible things. We citizens actually have enough free time to call the mayor and complain about graffiti on Fairview Avenue. Not bad for a growing city of nearly 250,000, eh?

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Sex Offenders Get What They Deserve

Posted on Mar 28, 2008 - 7:59

BOISE - Channel 2 Eyewitness News wants you to feel sorry for rapists and child molesters on the Ada County sex offender registry, calling it a "Scarlet Letter."

It's true, once you rape a woman, molest a child, or even have consensual relations with a minor, you're on that list for life, no exceptions.

And is that wrong? Hell no. suggests that Rob Johnson, a Boisean who made the sex offender list by sleeping with a 15 year old when he was 18, maybe doesn't deserve to be a lifetime registered sex offender for his youthful exploits.

We disagree. Strongly. Hey Rob Johnson, do you really think it's acceptable to have sex with a 15 year old girl when you're 18? Seriously? Well, it's not, that's why we have that law. Oh we know, 15 year old girls sure do look nice and yes, they are young and fresh, but dude, you're an 18 year old adult according to the law, and 3 years difference in age when you're in high school is awfully significant. You were either a senior or a recent graduate (or dropout), and she was maybe a freshman. That's sick, and wrong, and you got what you deserved. By the way, how did you get caught? Let me guess, the underage "girlfriend" figured out you were a total douche-bag and told someone, which resulted in local law enforcement rolling in and (gasp!) enforcing the law.

So Mr. Johnson, get real. You and all the other 18 year old low-life jerks are half the reason we have the statutory rape laws. You make us sick, and we're glad you're on the list. If we have to live next door to guys like you, we're sure as hell glad we can look you up on the sex offender registry so we can tell our daughters to stay the hell away from you.

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Gas Prices Suck

Posted on Mar 25, 2008 - 8:16
Gas Prices Suck in Idaho

It's true, the price of a gallon of gasoline is still on the rise, and Idaho is starting to see record-setting prices in some parts of the state.

While Boise hasn't broken it's record from last June, diesel prices are through the roof at over $4 per gallon, which is bad news for all you gigantic truck owners. Don't you wish you hadn't bought that enormous Ford Super Duty now?

Regardless, prices are super high, and the end is not really upon us yet. Prices are expected to climb until June or July, but even when it stops we're never going to see it fall down to the $1.50-$2.50 range again.

Sure, it's pricey, but it's not the worst in the country. Northern California drivers are paying as much as $3.79 for regular and well over $4.30 for diesel fuel.

What to do? I think we all know the answer to that. You can save some serious cash by car-pooling, biking to work, or just not going out as much. Besides, we're in a recession, so don't you think you should save your money anyways?

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Teen Breaks into Homes, Steals Piggy Banks, Downloads Porn

Posted on Mar 20, 2008 - 15:22
Burglar downloads porn and steals loose change in Meridian Idaho

Meridian police arrested 19 year old Anthony Young yesterday after tracing evidence from three separate burglaries back to his parents' house where his black Ford Mustang was parked.

According to, Young was targeting the homes of unsuspecting women, watching their daily routines, then entering the homes through unlocked doors and windows early in the morning and after the occupants had left for the day.

Once inside, the teen is believed to have downloaded adult pornography on the victims' computers, then stolen piggy banks and loose change before leaving the scene.

Of course, there is always the possibility that, after police found internet porn on a victim's computer, that victim denied responsibility for the content and used the burglar as a scapegoat for the distasteful material.

Young is charged with two counts of felony burglary and various other minor crimes, and is being held in the Ada County jail.

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Biker Church to Open in Meridian

Posted on Mar 13, 2008 - 18:11
Biker Jesus

Word on the scene is that Meridian's Common Ground Biker Church will have its first service on April 6, 2008.

While the group doesn't actually have a chapel for religious riders to worship in, they have arranged to hold the opening service at The Busted Shovel, a biker bar located at 704 Main in Meridian that celebrates happy hour twice per night.

Pastor Jim Atkins assures us that the service will be smoke-free and drink-free for the night of the service, and that hordes of jesus-loving bikers in full leather riding gear and all tattooed up will be parking their hogs on Main Street and attending the event.

Afterwards the bikers are expected to go for a ride in honor of Jesus.

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Boise Man Arrested In Largest Child Porn Bust Ever

Posted on Mar 6, 2008 - 7:42
Warren Weber of Boise Idaho is a Pedophile Pervert

BOISE -- Warren Weber, a 56 year old pedophile, was arrested in Boise by FBI agents in a giant sting against a distributed global child pornography ring.

According to the FBI, the 12 men arrested today across the country were involved in what could be the largest kiddie porn operation ever busted. Feds say Weber took part in the global distribution, sale, and sophisticated networking of over 400,000 lewd photos and videos of children engaging in horrible "sexual and sadistic acts".

We hope that Weber and the other 21 men arrested world-wide get thoroughly raped and beaten when they finally arrive in federal prisons. There is no amount of prison rape and torture that can make up for how many lives these men ruined with their unforgivable perverted acts. Go to hell, Warren Weber, we're glad you'll burn for your crimes you disgusting deviant piece of dirt.

The porn ring was global, and authorities made 10 other arrests in Australia, Germany, Canada, and England.


- FBI Press Release
- Reuters Australia Story
- Local News Story
- Another Australian News Story


Evil Chef Steals Your Stuff

Posted on Mar 3, 2008 - 6:42
Chef PepperSack (fake) arrested for felony burglary

BOISE - This bizarre story comes out of the Qwest Arena where 22 year old Matthew Peppersack was arrested for felony burglary after an "alert employee" caught him attempting to steal from patrons.

Peppersack was allegedly dressed as a chef and carrying a mop around the arena in order to get close enough to fans' belongings to nab a few items. According to the article, Peppersack was pretending to clean up a spill but the employee who caught him simply didn't believe his story and was also alarmed by his lack of identification. The employee detained Peppersack and called the police who then made an arrest.

As far as thieves and criminals go, this one is pretty shoddy. At least rob a bank or something. If Kelvin can get away with it, then maybe you can too. ;)


Drunk Driver Jumps From Overpass

Posted on Feb 27, 2008 - 10:16
Photo of the Connector freeway in Boise, Idaho

DUI suspect Brigham C. Von Stetten was stopped for speeding on I-184 late last night and decided to make a break for it on foot. He hopped over the cement barrier and fell less than two feet into a landscaped area on the west side of Main Street, injuring his left leg.

Is there even anything more to report on this topic? I mean, nobody gets away from the BPD. And even when they do get away, they wind up turning themselves in later.

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Mystery Man Stabs Self

Posted on Feb 18, 2008 - 11:50
black and white image of hand holding a knife

Ada County Sheriff's Deputies are stymied in yesterday's stabbing incident at the 3800 block of Rampart Street in Boise.

Only one man was involved in the stabbing, and at this time officers are under the impression that the man stabbed himself for unknown reasons.

Officers were unable to glean any further information from the victim due to "a language barrier".

What the ham is going on here? A man stabbing himself is not normal. Further info will be posted here as it becomes available.

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Boisean Injured in Apple Pie Incident

Posted on Feb 15, 2008 - 13:21
applie pie scene from the movie

Ok, this has got to be old news, but it's new to us, and it's worth a good laugh, so it's getting posted here for your enjoyment.

Remember American Pie? You know, that 1999 movie with Jason Biggs and Tara Reid about dorky high school kids trying to get laid before college starts? Though mildly entertaining, the best thing to come from this movie was Biggs's scene with the warm apple pie in the kitchen.

It seems that very scene inspired one Boise teen to take a stab at it. Although further research suggests the story may have been fabricated for fun, and at the very least it was printed in a less-than-reputable publication, but hey, it's entertainment.

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Underage Illegal Immigrant Arrested for Impersonating an Officer

Posted on Feb 14, 2008 - 7:02
Impersonating police officers is illegal boise gay

A very strange story this morning involves a 17 year old Mexican boy who attempted to pull over Fox 12 This Morning anchor Shayne Wells.

Isreal Dominguez used red and blue lights he had installed in on the dash of his car to try to pull the woman over around 2 a.m. while Wells was headed to work. The boy as behaving suspiciously in his car, and Wells had already passed him once before he tried pulling her over.

The news anchor called 911, and the dispatcher told her to stay with the unmarked car Dominguez was driving. She followed him to a gas station in Eagle where Idaho State Police troopers caught up and make an arrest.

This is the second officer impersonation involving fake police lights in just a few weeks, the first being Clinton Matthews, an 18 year old Boise resident. Law enforcement officers urge everyone to be alert and careful while driving, and to pay attention to your surroundings so you know if something is not right in a situation like this. And always call 911 if you think someone is impersonating an officer.

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School Uniforms and Kiddie Porn

Posted on Feb 13, 2008 - 8:10
boise schools are enforcing uniform policies for students

East Junior High Principal Benita Hammer is considering adopting a student uniform policy for no apparent reason.

If the policy gets parental approval East would be the third school in the Boise district to force students to wear identical uniforms. South Junior High and Jefferson Elementary have already implemented their uniform rules, and West Junior High administrators are also thinking about a similar policy.

In the meantime, Borah High School teacher Ronald Keith Neil is watching his life circle the drain after "agents" found pornographic images of teenage boys on his laptop and home computer. Neil was busted due to his "many paid transactions on child pornography websites."

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